Before MVP

The Minimal Viable Product is the default stick by which we measure taking action on a new idea. We have the “idea” and then we figure out what the simplest version of it is so we can take it to market and test.

Makes heaps of sense! We don’t waste time on building something that our assumptions may be false(y) on.

But there is a thing we can do before this to reduce wasted time even further. It is understanding where you play best – your own backyard.

You see, there are things you are uniquely geared for. These things are a combination of:

  • your talent
  • your experience
  • your time
  • your $
  • your network
  • your passion

The same idea could be perfect for someone else and an utter disaster for you, simply because of your personal makeup of ^^^

When you’re considering an idea, or even generating ideas, think about what you are uniquely positioned to move fast on.

For example, I’ve had a stack of experience in the world of WordPress – Marketing, product design, dev, ‘n stuff – moving quickly and easily towards an MVP for Block Lab made heaps of sense for my team and I. 1 week and we went from idea to published on

So before you define the MVP for your idea, validate your ability to uniquely move fast on it.

I.e. play in your own backyard.