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  • Deployable Design

    Since Sketch arrived on the scene (and Figma moved in and ate its lunch) there has been a glorious movement towards designers working with tooling that aligns with what is actually deployed. The design assets that are exported from these tools are actually close to workable code. Close-ish… This trend has been exciting to watch […]

  • I can’t count the number of tech product ideas I’ve had over the years. Many were terrible. Most were not worth the focus. Some have proved to be absolutely worthwhile. 🙂 Now I’m a very visual person and there is nothing like translating an idea to a clickable and good-looking prototype. Prototypes are often used […]

  • My 4 most popular pens on Codepen

    For about a year I’ve had an account on where I occasionally spin up a pen and play around with fun and interesting frontend ideas. This last year has seen me playing a lot with Vue JS and Tailwind, so most of my pens are artifacts of my learning journey with these. I’ve been […]

  • Why you should use flexbox for more maintainable buttons (and other components).

    In short, your components can be explicitly sized with their contents dynamically placed. Slow down there son! What? Let’s make a button. Just a simple one using some simple CSS. Not very pretty, but just enough to get the idea of a button on the page. Question: What’s the height of the button? Answer: Not […]