• Before MVP

    Before MVP

    The Minimal Viable Product is the default stick by which we measure taking action on a new idea. We have the “idea” and then we figure out what the simplest version of it is so we can take it to market and test. Makes heaps of sense! We don’t waste time on building something that […]

  • 100 days of Tailwind CSS

    They say building in public keeps you focused and accountable. I’d say that’s true and is the reason I’ve never done it. I hate saying I’ll do something and not doing it. So committing to something in public is bloody intimidating for me. Well, I’m doing it. Welcome to 100 days of Tailwind CSS. For […]

  • You can build some cool stuff for the WordPress block editor with the Genesis Custom Blocks plugin. The fields in the plugin alone are great, but when you pair them with native WordPress functions, etc, it really opens up the potential of the block editor for dynamic front-end templating. For example… I have a site […]

  • Earlier this year I joined WP Engine. I stepped out from a 100% remote company with a team size of ~50 into an organisation with 1,000+ employees mostly working in-office. The week I started, WP Engine switched tracks and went 100% remote. Bloody COVID! To WP Engine’s credit though, they have transitioned amazingly! They embraced […]